The efficient use of water in the agricultural sector is one of the country’s priority policy areas. Photo: Cristian Domínguez Herrera

HAVANA.— The United Nations expressed its full support for Cuba in order to contribute to the sustainable management of water resources in the country in the face of challenges such as drought and food security.

UN Resident Coordinator in Cuba, Myrta Kaulard, noted that this multilateral body and its agencies are entirely disposed to supporting the Caribbean nation.

During the national act to mark World Water Day, March 22, the UN official praised the strong commitment of the Cuban government to achieve rational and efficient use of the island’s water resources, through comprehensive management that includes water recycling.

According to Kaulard, the holding of the Cubagua 2017 event is an example of the Cuban commitment to sustainable water use, a resource which is increasingly scarce across the planet.

Over approximately five decades, Cuba increased its water storage capacity 190-fold, to reach a figure above 9 billion cubic meters across 241 reservoirs, noted Inés María Chapman, president of the National Institute of Water Resources.

Despite this enormous effort, the island is currently facing serious difficulties due to an extended drought, Chapman stressed.

Regarding this issue, Laura Melo, representative of the World Food Program on the island, confirmed the progress of a water management study.