Susely Morfa González, First Secretary of the UJC National Committee. Photo: Yaimí Ravelo

As part of a range of activities to mark the 55th anniversary of the founding ofCuba’s Young Communist League (UJC) this April 4, schools across the country will hold special assemblies, membership cards will be presented to new affiliates, and recognitions will be awarded to outstanding students and young workers.

The UJC was founded on April 4, 1962, and today has a total of 300,752 members and over 33,000 grassroots committees. Not only has its membership increased, but the organization continues to work to voice the concerns of youth from all sectors.

UJC First Secretary, Susely Morfa González, noted that efforts are ongoing to attract new members and strengthen the organization, to ensure the political and historical consciousness of Cuban youth, and encourage their contribution to society.

Young people occupy leading roles across different sectors of the national economy. Photo: Yaimí Ravelo

“There are those who question whether younger generations are aware of their social role. I believe that they are,” González stated, who is also a member of the Communist Party of Cuba’s Central Committee.

“Of the almost three million young people in the country, I would dare say that the immense majority are revolutionaries,” she added.

“There is broad representation of young people across all sectors of our economy, from where they contribute to the development of our country,” she stressed, while noting the example of the sugar industry, in which young people represent 65% of the workforce.

“Those of us who wish to defend, transform, create and maintain everything that has been achieved over the past 55 years will always be with the UJC. Our objective is to grow, to be the organization of all, so that every young person feels increasing close,” she concluded.