We cannot say that the aggression of the ill-named Organization of American States (OAS) against the people of Bolívar, Chávez and Maduro, is something new. The OAS has always been at the service of the United States of America, carrying out its missions as the “Ministry of Colonies,” using politics and the mass media to attack progressive governments of the region in order to isolate and vilify them before the international community. We Cubans are very familiar with their strategy, one day we were expelled and we shall never return.
Making the news recently has been the underhanded policy pursued by the OAS against the sister Republic of Venezuela, a nation with a president democratically elected by the people, a progressive government which has driven forward social policies benefiting the poorest sectors, in an attempt to wipe away the deformations existent in a society subjected to years of economic neoliberalism. The Venezuela being attacked by the OAS is the same which, supported by its people, has created integration mechanisms in the region to consolidate Latin American unity centered around our peoples. The Venezuela that is today being besieged is the Venezuela of Comandante Chávez, a genuine expression of the Venezuelan people.
The Bolivarian Republic is not alone, nor shall she ever be. With the example of Bolívar, Martí, Chávez and Fidel; the support of the American peoples, we will continue making revolutions, we will continue struggling for our dreams.
Those who stand today with Venezuela, do so for all eternity! All our moral and revolutionary strength to President Maduro and the Venezuelan people.
From the Federation of University Students we reaffirm the unconditional support of Cuban university students for the Bolivarian Revolution, the Bolivarian people and Venezuelan university students, who hold the future of Venezuela and the Great Latin American Homeland in their hands.
To the latter, we dedicate this message:
We have a homeland. Now we must defend it!
A revolutionary embrace. The Federation of University Students of Cuba.