The National Secretariat of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), representing over 8.5 million Cubans, issued a statement in support of the Bolivarian Revolution and the people of Venezuela.

The statement highlighted that the legacy of late president Hugo Chávez is more relevant than ever, as the people of Venezuela fight attempts at intervention and destabilization by right wing forces.

The text noted that the infamous Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, is in the service of the interests of the United States. Once again the OAS “today attempts to devastate Venezuela, it is the same that tried to stop the example of the Cuban Revolution for Latin America and the Caribbean. While a small island approved measures of benefit to the masses, such as the Agrarian Reform Law, or the literacy campaign, the “Ministry of Colonies” was absolutely silent before the mercenary invasion of Playa Girón.”

The statement further noted, “It is no coincidence that just days after the United States broke off relations with Cuba, the OAS excluded the island from the Inter-American system,” and pointed to the “new aggression against the Bolivarian people and their democratic government.”

The CDR Secretariat also emphasized the silence maintained by Almagro and his allies in the face of violations of democracy in countries such as Brazil and Argentina, “where thousands of citizens have been stripped of their jobs,” and other countries of the region where there is “constant political corruption, disappearances, assassinations of social and student leaders, irregular migration, and attacks of all kinds against the poorest classes in the hemisphere.”

The text also quoted Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro, who in April 2009 wrote in one of his reflections that “the OAS has a history that collects all the trash of 60 years of betrayal of the peoples of Latin America.”

The statement noted the recent victory of the Venezuelan people against the interventionist attempts of the OAS, and quoted the words of President Nicolás Maduro: “A popular triumph, a people’s victory for Venezuela. We have defeated the State Department, we have defeated the Mexican Foreign Ministry and the Venezuelan right wing.”

The text also emphasized the strong ties of solidarity that exist between the peoples of Venezuela and Cuba, most recently seen in the aid provided by the former following the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew to the east of the island.

The CDR Secretariat also reiterated the words of Army General Raúl Castro during the 16th ALBA Summit held at the beginning of March: “I reaffirm the commitment made in our Declaration to accompany the defense of Venezuela and the dignified, courageous, and constructive position of President Nicolás Maduro.”

The statement concluded by noting that the Venezuelan President has called for “national and international debate on the violation of the foundational charter of the OAS and the aggression of a concerted group of right wing governments against Venezuela, and the pertinence of the Organization of American States, its validity and utility,” and assured that just as the Cuban people have demonstrated the interventionist spirit that reigns in this organization, so shall the people of Venezuela.