HAVANA.— Participants at the First Convention on Commerce will discuss the importance of the sector for Cuba’s economic development based on the updating of its economic model.

Speaking to the press, marketing specialist Mirelys González Batista stated that the encounter, scheduled to take place from May 15-19 in the Havana International Convention Center, will address the different forms of management being employed in the trade, gastronomy and services sectors.

She noted that the Convention - a scientific event in which various activities will be held - is taking place in the context of the country’s efforts to address challenges and perspectives regarding the development of sustainable trade.

Among events set to take place she mentioned the Marketing, Communication and Image colloquium; symposiums on quality, safety, the environment and consumer protection, as well as sustainable logistics, and cosmetology; in addition to a workshop on gastronomy and culinary art.

Held parallel to these activities will be book presentations, an exhibition fair, catwalks, displays of Cuban and artistic cuisine, as well as a tour of Havana’s network of retail outlets.

González Batista also noted that the First Convention on Commerce is organized by the Ministry of Domestic Trade alongside its Research and Development Center.