Photo: Facebook

Holguin.– On May 4, the Bloguerías de Mayo, #UnblockCuba space was inaugurated, as part of traditional celebrations held over these days in the City of Parks, during which participants in the annual Romerías cultural festival raised their voices in opposition to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the Unites States on Cuba for over five decades.
The Alex Urquiola provincial library played host to the event, which kicked off with a conference by historian and essayist, Ernesto Limia.
The event, which was attended by Liliem Aguilera, president of the AHS in Holguin, and Alexis Triana, a member of the event organizing committee, together with social network activists, was a moment of intense exchange, during which Limia referred to the need to investigate country’s true history in the face of the United States’ unrelenting campaign of intervention waged since the triumph of the Revolution.
According to Limia, in its actions against Cuba, the U.S. only extols those who play by the rules of the market and their societies; marked by unbridled individualism. “The most important thing is to share the truth and that’s what this people in Revolution are doing. A better world is not only possible, but is also what we are currently building,” she insisted.