LA HABANA.– This May 19, set to take place is a gigantic camp-out of youth at historic sites, to honor Cuba’s national hero José Martí on the 122nd anniversary of his death in combat.

Cajobabo Beach, in Guantánamo; El Abra farm, on the Isle of Youth; and

Dos Ríos, in the province of Granma where Martí met his death May 19, 1895, are some of the sites chosen for the events, according to Yusuam Palacios Ortega, president of the Martí Youth Movement (MJM).

Also among the locations mentioned were forests designated to honor Martí like that of Ariguanabo, in the Artemis municipality of San Antonio de los Baños, site of an event devoted to re-visiting Cuban history.

In a dialogue with ACN, Palacios, also the director of the Fragua Martiana in Havana, spoke of excursions, historic tours, visits to museums, and other initiatives and activities at Martí Youth Clubs and the patriotic Friends of Martí groups.

The camp-out on the 19th in Dos Ríos will see the participation of youth from the provinces of Guantánamo, Las Tunas, Santiago de Cuba, Granma and La Habana, who since April 30 have been following Martí's steps across a 394 kilometer route from his landing at Cajobabo, along with Máximo Gómez.

Palacios also referred to local forums linked to the 18th National Martí Studies Youth Seminar, and the International José Martí Colloquium, to take place May 17-19 at the Center for Martí Studies, as well as the encounter-workshop entitled "Ganémosla a pensamiento" (Let's win with thought) to be held in Cienfuegos May 26-27, as part of the second youth essay contest of the same name.

Martí's Latin Americanist thought will figure prominently in the Dialogue of Generations meetings this month, Palacios explained, while describing several activities leading up to the selection of delegates to the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students, set to take place in the Russian city of Sochi, later this year.