Continuous advances are being made, with the acquisition of new equipment, to benefit the Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture Program, in its 20th year. Photo: Julio Martínez Molina

CIENFUEGOS.– The Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture Program will continue to sustainably develop with the acquisition of refrigerated chambers to store seeds, which will be progressively distributed across the different municipalities of the country, in addition to front loader tractors and dump trucks.

The Executive Secretary of the Program, Nelson Campanioni, told Granma, “Recently, 48 refrigerated chambers to store seeds arrived. They join the 23 installed last year, and thus a considerable number of municipalities will be equipped with such a fundamental instrument.”

Campanioni explained that although all initiatives within the Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture Program contribute to further progress, some are essential to the development of many others, with a clear example being seed storage.

“When working with organic fertilizer in diminutive quantities in a small urban farm, it is possible to do so with just a wheelbarrow and shovel; but when it comes to large units of 200 or more 60 meter plots, a degree of mechanization of such activity is required. As such, a front loader tractor and a dump cart are being assigned to each municipality,” he added.

Campanioni noted that 64 such machines are currently being distributed across the country, which join the 24 already delivered in 2016.

“The ministries of Finance and Prices and Economy and Planning approved the feasibility study of our Program, which has been allocated various financing that have allowed for the purchase of some of these supplies,” he added.

In the company of Lidia Esther Brunet Nodarse, a member of the Party Central Committee and PCC first secretary in Cienfuegos, Campanioni presided the event to inform of the conclusions of the 77th tour of plots belonging to the National Group of Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture, in which Cienfuegos stood out among the leading provinces.