Arelis Santana Bello. Photo: Juvenal Balán

The deputies of the National Assembly, organized in four commissions, analyzed the documents:

1. Conceptualization of the Cuban Economic and Social Model of Socialist Development.

2. Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Party and the Revolution for the period 2016-2021.
Of a total of 596 deputies, 537 participated.

During the Commission working sessions, there were 80 interventions; 63 in relation to the Conceptualization, and 17 on the Guidelines. Six recommendations were approved, including two of a general nature.

The main content of the interventions was as follows:


1. Concerning the concentration of property and wealth: discussed was how to achieve its regulation in current and future conditions, to ensure that it is not opposed to the principles of our socialism.

Recommendation: In the process of implementation the conditions are created to allow for effective regulation of the concentration levels of property and wealth.

2. Clarification of the concepts: state, government, and business functions.

Recommendation: Review of the indistinct use of the concepts “state functions” and “government functions.”

3. Other topics addressed were:

a) Recognition of the appropriate historic sequence used as the foundation of the Model.

b) The strength represented by the Cuban Education System and its impact on other sectors in the country, which was finally considered appropriately prioritized in the document, from different angles.

c) The importance of popular control in the Enterprise System, owned by all the people, as well as in the other spheres of society; it was agreed that this aspect is reflected in different paragraphs of the document, and other related legal norms.

d) To prioritize the full development of young people in their professional and life projects, as part of the implementation of measures to address the demographic situation and population aging.


4. Guideline 17: Need for adequate integration between national and local approaches in development strategy. There was consensus in maintaining the text.

5. Guideline 173: Enter the exact name of the urban, suburban, and family farming program.

Recommendation: Using the exact name of the program in the text.

6. Guideline 172: The importance of including the exploitation of forest residues as a renewable energy source.

Recommendation: In the implementation of Guideline 204 and the policy approved for this purpose, priority attention is paid to forest biomass.


a) With the aim of streamlining the process of elaboration and approval of legal norms, create groups of specialists to contribute to their drafting.

b) Submit documents to a style review before their final issue.

Adequate preparation of deputies was confirmed; the proposals were aimed at supporting the documents and those aspects of content that were debated and clarified.

The deputies in the four Commissions endorsed the documents analyzed.