The Cuban Workers’ Federation and its unions support the Revolutionary Government Statement, in the face of the aggressive speech by the President of the United States Donald Trump, regarding relations between that country and Cuba, and ratify the conviction to stand firm in defense of this genuine Revolution, built with and for the workers, under the leadership of Fidel and Raúl.

Having chosen to address relations with Cuba in a setting linked to the invasion of Playa Girón, and treating mercenaries like heroes, constitutes an offense for all those from the most humble ranks of our nation, many of them workers, who defended their socialist homeland until they were forced to bite the dust of defeat.

As the text issued by the Cuban government expresses, Trump’s words constitute a setback in relations between the two countries, given the threat of rigorously enforcing the blockade laws, conditioning its lifting, as well as any improvement in bilateral relations, on our country making changes inherent to its constitutional order.

But this backward step does not intimidate us. From our trench in production and services, Cuban workers, with their intelligence, ingenuity and creativity, will continue to break down the barriers imposed by the blockade, as has happened for almost 60 years in which they have not been able to defeat us with this criminal siege.

As always we will continue to find solutions to the limitations, we will remain faithful to the Communist Party of Cuba, guiding the work we construct, which is strengthened by the updating of the Cuban economic model that has the workers as its fundamental protagonists.

In these circumstances we must maximize productive reserves and the rational use of all material and financial resources, including labor and technological discipline.

We make our own the rejection expressed in the Statement by the Revolutionary Government of the manipulation of the issue of human rights for political purposes, and the double standards in addressing it. We are outraged to hear Trump talk about human rights for Cubans, when on the triumph of January 1959 the Revolution guaranteed the right to work and equal pay for women and men, social security, universal and free health and education, to a dignified life and to civil order. Perhaps Trump intends to prevent, with the restriction on visits by his fellow citizens to Cuba, that they may verify the enjoyment here of those rights that are disrespected in their own country?

We have a history of revolutionary intransigence, resistance and rebellion, guided by the teachings of José Martí, who knew the beast as he had lived in its belly, and faced with the aspirations of the giant ratified that his sling was that of David, that which we have wielded for decades and against which the hopes of returning us to the neocolonial past have failed.

Our rich tradition of struggle provides us with motivations that inspire us to defend the achievements made and continue to move forward. We have demonstrated this with our unwavering position of principles before the aggressiveness of successive U.S. administrations.

Each labor collective will be a stronghold against imperialist ambitions. Once again the U.S. government is wrong about Cuba and its workers, who will not give up our independence or our solid unity.

We will never sacrifice our right to build a sovereign, independent, socialist, democratic, prosperous and sustainable nation.