Photo: Alberto Borrego

HOLGUÍN.– Collaboration between education authorities in the province of Holguín and the NGOs Cubasolar and Solidarité Luxembourg-Cuba, has facilitated the assembly and installation of 40 solar water heaters in children’s daycare centers, special schools and children’s homes.

This marks the first part of a project assumed by these entities for the gradual restoration of hot water to these centers, as explained electrical engineer Alexander Leyva Valdespino, one of the coordinators of the project.

Duly supported by the regulations concerning investment processes, the solar water heaters have been installed in educational facilities of the municipalities of Holguín, Mayarí and Calixto García, the official noted, adding that the children’s daycare center Rayitos de Sol, located in the municipality of Urbano Noris, will shortly see the installation of a set of six such units.

The specialist explained that the Holguín Electricity Company for the development of renewable energy sources is responsible for the implementation of the initial phase of the project, for which some 105,000 euros have been provided by the aforementioned European NGO. This phase also includes the installation of a photovoltaic system for solar electricity production in the Luis de Feria Garayalde Polytechnic Center, located in the provincial capital.

“This is designed to meet the needs of the campus and at the same time supply energy to the territory’s grid,” he noted.

The assembly period will be used to train operators of future photovoltaic power stations of the same type and different sizes, to be installed in the province in accordance with the program developed by the National Electrical Union.

It will also serve to train students of technical degree courses, a task that saw positive results during the installation of solar heaters in educational centers.