Baracoa, renovated after being hit by Hurricane Matthew, is ready to celebrate the 506th anniversary of its founding. Photo: Escalona Furones, Leonel

BARACOA, Guantánamo.– The inauguration today of new works and those to repair damages caused by Hurricane Matthew will be one of the most important moments of the festivities to mark the 506th anniversary of the founding of Baracoa as Cuba’s first villa.

Among the facilities to be inaugurated are the Center for the Reproduction of Entomophages and Entomopathogens (CREE), located in the neighborhood of Guamá; the Villa Bohorque; the headquarters of the municipal Economy and Planning office; the La Esquina cafeteria, and a Cimex store in the town of Jamal.

To the left: the Hotel Plaza and the Cine Encanto, two important social facilities recovered in the historic center of Baracoa. Photo: Escalona Furones, Leonel

Sergio Samón Toirac, vice president of the Municipal Administration Council for investments, told Granma that once recovery works are completed following the damages caused by Hurricane Matthew, other facilities will also be officially opened, including the Mosquitero and Santa María Casas de la Cultura, a bar in Yumurí, the Cerámica Roja establishment, the El Guamá store and the 1511 Restaurant.

New housing for those whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. Photo: Escalona Furones, Leonel

He noted that in the lead up to the anniversary, numerous other tasks have been undertaken, among them the construction of the first multifamily buildings using Forsa technology, located in Paso de Cuba for victims of Hurricane Matthew, which are due to be completed shortly.

The program of activities also included the celebration of the Water Festival, a gathering of tres (guitar-like three-course chordophone) players, presentations of local artistic talent and a socio-cultural project in the Malecón area, which combined gastronomy, culture and sports through an agro-industrial fair.

With solidarity of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, several neighborhoods have benefited from the Barrio Nuevo Tricolor program. Photo: Escalona Furones, Leonel

Yesterday afternoon, prominent personalities of the territory were presented with awards, and the evening saw a cultural gala, while today, in addition to the inauguration of completed works, there will be a popular art fair, and a solemn session of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power this evening.

A repaired family doctor’s office in Sabanilla. Photo: Escalona Furones, Leonel