Photo: Courtesy of the Venezuelan embassy in Cuba

Yesterday, at the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), an event was held to reiterate solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

which is facing imperialist threats and the criminal acts of its oligarchic, right wing opposition.

The documentary Venezuela, oscura causa, by Hernando Calvo Ospina, was screened, while Venezuelan ambassador in Cuba, Alí Rodríguez, thanked participants for their many expressions of solidarity with his country, denounced imperial ambitions to control the country's natural riches, and reaffirmed his people's determination to defend their independence and sovereignty.

Graciela Ramírez, president if the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity for the Peoples, condemned the international media campaign against Venezuela in which reality is manipulated and lies repeated.

Also speaking was Silvio Platero, president of the Cuban Movement for Peace and Peoples' Sovereignty, who reiterated the support for Venezuela expressed by the World Peace Council.

Lilia María Zamora, acting director of ICAP, noted, "This past July 30, with the victory at the polls to install the National Constituent Assembly and return peace, stability, and dialogue to the country, the people of Venezuela dashed the empire's plans, and offered the world another example of true democracy."

During the event presided by ICAP Vice President Elio Gámez, participants also observed a moment of silence to honor victims of recent terrorist attacks in Europe.