Photo: Ventura de Jesús García

Jagüey Grande, Matanzas.- In addition to permanent monitoring and fumigation to mitigate the impact of plagues and pests, some 650 hectares of citrus trees are being planted this year in efforts to revive yields in long-exploited and contaminated areas.
Armando Perdomo García, director of the Victoria de Girón Agro-industrial Enterprise, explained that there are currently over 8,500 hectares dedicated to cultivating citrus, 5,000 of which are producing notable yields.
According to Perdomo García, the entity aims to reach 18,000 hectares with more resistant varieties planted closer together and managed through the use of specific technological systems.
He went on to note that although the new areas will have a shorter exploitation period, the crops will be more resistant, thus resulting in greater yields.
Perdomo García noted that in order to meet the annual planting target of 1,200 hectares, work is underway to raise the number of seedbeds by expanding covered areas by two hectares.
The director explained that the enterprise is working hard to meet the annual target of 69,000 tons of citrus, and expressed his satisfaction at the results of the lemon harvest, which is set to exceed 2,000 tons. Meanwhile, he noted that the entity has already supplied over 12,000 tons of mangos to industrial enterprises.  
In this sense, he highlighted the entity’s commitment to efficient production, maintaining export volumes, supporting mini-industries during peak harvesting season, and remodeling the Héroes de Girón Mixed Processing Plant, in order to expand and diversify production lines.