MATANZAS.–The people's massive support of the process of nominating candidates in neighborhoods across the country, beginning Monday September 4, will be the best possible tribute to the historic leader of the Revolution, stated Esteban Lazo Hernández, president of the National Assembly of People's Power, during a tour of construction projects being undertaken in Matanzas, on the occasion of the city's 325th anniversary.

Lazo, also a Political Bureau member, noted that these are the first elections to be held without the physical presence of Fidel, the architect of Cuba's electoral system, essential to the country's democratic, socialist sovereignty, he said, recalling, "how much Fidel did, thought, and contributed to ensure that the political system rested on a solid foundation, to guarantee the continuity of our ideals of independence and social justice forged over more than a century of continuous struggle."

He called for the people's massive, disciplined participation in the nomination process, proposing those with the credentials, authority, prestige, leadership skills, and ability to serve.

He noted the importance of attending constituency assemblies, since this first step leading up to general elections is critical.

The first stop of his visit to Matanzas, yesterday August 31, was at the Brisas del Mar restaurant, located on El Tenis beach. There, administrator Rosett Armando Guías Castillo explained that the restaurant now has a capacity of 80 customers, who appreciate the facility's new floor, roof, and outdoor areas.

Conversing with staff, Lazo asked about salaries and working conditions, emphasizing the importance of providing quality services.

Accompanied by Teresa Rojas Monzón, first Party secretary in Matanzas, and Tania León Silveira, president of the Provincial Assembly of People's Power, Lazo was pleased to see several buildings recently remodeled, including the Ensueño Health and Beauty Institute, and the Aurora Cultural Center, both on Medio Street, in the city's center, which is undergoing several improvements.

Leonel Pérez Orozco, City Conservator and tireless promoter of urban restoration, led Lazo on a tour of a new trade school providing young people the skills to restore the city's historic buildings; the renovated arched walkway on Tirry Street; the Sauto Theater where work is underway; and progress on street repair, restoration of viaducts, and Pueblo Nuevo.