Photo: Vicente Brito

Although Hurricane Irma affected the entire northern portion of the province of Sancti Spiritus, the municipality of Yaguajay, located very close to the storm's landfall, had the worst luck.

Partial and total collapses of homes and other buildings, significant damage to agricultural sites, fallen service posts, and blocked roads are the visible evidence of the hurricane's path through the town, while an evaluation of damage is set to begin.

The area's principal authorities conduced a quick tour, noting damage to homes, workshops, stores, restaurants, schools, and cultural institutions, among others.

José Ramón Monteagudo Ruiz, president of the Provincial Defense Council, spoke briefly with the press, and commented on efforts made by residents of the Revolución neighborhood who made a special effort to secure their roofs, the majority of which successfully withstood the strong winds.

The heavy rain is the bright side of the hurricane, in a province which is experiencing a severe drought that has affected agriculture and especially cattle ranching.

As of 1:00pm Saturday afternoon, the region was still experiencing strong gusts of wind, and rainfall was increasing, causing rivers to overflow and flooding in low lying areas.