Photo: Carlos Cánovas

Miguel Díaz–Canel Bermúdez, Party Political Bureau member and first vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers, called for disciplined, well organized, and above all comprehensive efforts, during an exchange with authorities here.

José Antonio Valeriano Fariñas, president of the Provincial Defense Council, presented details about the current situation in the province, while Díaz-Canel insisted on the need to reestablish electrical and water services, of great importance to the population. He likewise called for work to gradually recuperate agricultural production, and repair homes and buildings affected.

Photo: Carlos Cánovas

Martín de la Concepción Cordero, director the Electric Union in the province, stated that, as of yesterday morning, September 12, "of the 210 circuits in the province, 195 are ready to provide service and, during the day, all of the rest will be certified," noting that, at that time, only the municipalities of Güira de Melena and San Antonio de los Baños were without power.

 Recovery advancing in Mayabeque

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez likewise attended a meeting of the provincial Defense Council in this province east of Havana, which he noted plays an important role in supplying the capital with food, natural gas, water, and electricity.

More than 1,400 hectares of plantain, corn, and cassava were destroyed during the hurricane, although much can be harvested and distributed.

Díaz-Canel noted that winter season planting this month should compensate for some losses, although plans in the sugar industry may need to be readjusted given damage to cane fields.

Public transportation has been reestablished, while work continues on a section of the Via Blanca highway around kilometer 44, where a 400 meter washout occurred.

Díaz-Canel and Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, leader of the Federation of Cuban Workers, visited the Santa Cruz del Norte thermoelectric plant where progress is being made in fully restoring operations.