Machado Ventura in the San Blas ecological coffee processing plant, Cienfuegos. Photo: Magalys Chaviano

CIENFUEGOS.– José Ramón Machado Ventura, second secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee and a vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers, toured areas of Cienfuegos this Sunday, September 24, where he reviewed the progress of agricultural recovery following Hurricane Irma. He also met with agricultural sector representatives, campesinos, members of ANAP, CCS, UBPC, CPA, agricultural enterprises and trade union leaders, who reiterated their commitment to produce more food.

In the company of Lidia Esther Brunet Nodarse, member of the Party Central Committee and its first secretary in the province; Mayrelis Pernía Cordero, president of the local government, and other leaders, Machado Ventura visited the Horquita Agricultural Enterprise, in the municipality of Abreus.

There, enterprise Director and engineer, Raudel Rubio, updated him on the intensive planting of short-cycle crops, which will soon go to market. Machado Ventura exchanged with workers and enquired as to the technical state of irrigation machinery, which was protected during the passage of Irma.

In the Juraguá Agricultural Enterprise (one of the two essential productive poles of Cienfuegos, alongside Horquita), which saw the destruction of its plantain plantations, its main crop, Machado Ventura toured areas immersed in the recovery process.

El Cocal, a beekeeping farm located in the municipality of Rodas, was another site visited, where viable alternatives to solve the problem of producing sufficient food for the people were discussed.

Machado Ventura also visited the San Blas ecological coffee processing plant, located in the foothills of the Macizo de Guamuhaya, the third of its kind to form part of the Eladio Machin Agricultural Enterprise in Cumanayagua.

He then visited the coffee farm of Madelaine Silvera Labrada and her husband, who are recovering from the damages caused by Irma, in the area of Mayarí (in the middle of the Escambray range). Madelaine explained that the newest plantations were damaged, while the rest are fruiting.

On Saturday, September 23, the second secretary of the Party Central Committee visited Matanzas, where he verified the damages to fruit trees in the municipality of Jagüey Grande, and called on workers to increase agricultural production.

Machado Ventura also visited the La Ceiba module, part of the Casa de Cultivo Basic Enterprise Unit (UEB), in Torriente; Farm No. 2 of the Victoria de Girón Agro-Industrial Enterprise, and the Vladimir Ilich Lenin Agricultural Enterprise, among other important production centers.

The vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba noted that despite the damage caused by Hurricane Irma, the leadership of the Revolution is fully confident of the capabilities of agricultural sector workers to boost development and contribute to the national economy. (With information from the newspaper Girón)