Photo: Julio Martínez Molina

Cienfuegos.– Kirenia Viscay de la Cruz is a gentle, tender young woman, whose friendly demeanor and good manners don’t stop her from exercising justice with the necessary rigor.
At 34 years of age, Kirenia, Cuban delegate to the World Festival of Youth and Students and chief prosecutor for the municipality of Cienfuegos for the last two years, is a young person committed to Cuba and its youth.
“The proof is this very office; and not just here, but the rest of the country and our great homeland is also full of selfless and committed youth,” she stated.
“It’s true there are problems, and you see some young people and feel disappointed. Me personally, as someone whose job means you come into contact with lots of unpleasant things, I sometimes get worried; but I feel better when I stop and reflect and see that there are lots more good, committed people, whose valuable examples we must replicate,” she noted.
“We are going to present our country’s successful examples and experiences -numerous and visible every single day - at the World Festival of Youth and Students, an event which is also dedicated to our timeless Fidel, eternal compañero and teacher,” stated Cuba’s representative to the international event in Sochi.
Mother to a five-year old son; an avid reader who loves good Cuban music and can’t stand reggaeton, Kirenia was selected to attend the event given her successful career to date, in particular her years of outstanding work as a provincial prosecutor in the Department of Criminal Proceedings; as well as her constant link with the Young Communist League (UJC) and island’s youth in general.
She joined the UJC in 10th grade, going on to successfully serve as secretary general of its grassroots committees, and a Federation of University Students department president, among other roles.
Kirenia, who was born in Guantánamo, but came to Cienfuegos at three years of age, believes that the best way to support the Revolution, and the country’s social processes, is to try to be a better person, and better professional every day.
Regarding the challenges of her job, Cienfuegos’ chief prosecutor stated, “If you think about the problems we face in today’s society, any job that entails disputes is very complicated, but it is possible to overcome such a challenge.”
Asked how, she noted, “Firstly by gaining – and never losing – the trust of the people as representatives of the Law, by listening to them and trying to understand their problems; and secondly, by doing our best to try to resolve whatever situation they might have, since people come to us because they believe that we are going to resolve their issue.
“What is more, when they don’t get the outcome they want and although we explain why this is so, this person must feel like you care, like you believe them, that you investigated, and tried to help, that you sought the truth.
“To find the truth and act justly, you must be very responsible with what you do and say, be very committed to the Revolution and a just legal system. You must be a passionate lawyer or prosecutor, in love with their profession, because it’s a demanding job,” she noted.