Photo: Dunia Alvarez Palacios

"…Revolutionary elections in our country are not for electing those who are well known, but rather people of merit, people of quality, capable people, patriotic people, revolutionary people…" Fidel Castro Ruz

To be held on November 19 is a full trial run of the election for delegates to Municipal Assemblies of Peoples Power, which will take place on the 26th of the month.

During this exercise, all procedures, mechanisms, and bodies will be activated to ensure their proper functioning, to avoid problems on Election Day.

Speaking with Granma, Tomás Amarán Díaz, vice president of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), summarized the trial run as a comprehensive test. Activities will begin at 7:00am with the opening of more than 24,300 polling stations across the country.

He explained, "At this time, 12,515 constituency commissions will be mobilized, as well as all bodies on the municipal, provincial, and national level; all members must take their positions."

The next phase includes an examination of all means of communication, which include telephone land lines and cell phones, as well as alternatives in remote areas. Conditions at polling stations are to be checked, including lighting, the presence of patriotic symbols, technical equipment, the availability of materials, and other resources.

A report will then be sent to the CEN, to test the transmission of information.

Next, Amarán explained, the trial run will be conducted with fictitious results, "Fifty ballots per polling station will be distributed with characters representing the names of candidates, and possible cases that may occur during the election will be simulated.

"We want election authorities to analyze situations that could arise and this will serve as training… Much work has been done to prepare and this comprehensive practical exercise will allow all personnel involved in the actual vote to be evaluated."

Also to be activated are the municipal centers where results are received, reviewed, and digitalized, including all staff, computer technicians, collaborators, drivers…

The trial run will conclude at 12:30 pm, and election authorities will then immediately address any shortcomings noted.