Photo: Archive

Artemisa.– The people of Artemisa paid homage to Ciro Redondo García, an iconic patriot from the province, on the 60th anniversary of his death, during a cultural-political gala attended by Comandante of the Revolution Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, a member of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee Political Bureau and a vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers.
Students from the Eduardo Abela Professional School of Art opened the ceremony with a dance performance in honor of the Cuban patriot, while elementary school children from the Chaveliz Pereda Alfonso institute, reaffirmed their commitment to keeping the young man from Artemisa’s legacy alive.
In addition to music by Eduardo Sosa and performances by other artists from the province, La Colmenita Children’s Theater Company dedicated a moving piece to the revolutionary, member of the July 26 Movement, participant in the Moncada attacks, Granma expeditionary, and Rebel Army combatant – who is buried alongside his comrades in Artemisa’s Martyrs Mausoleum.
Meanwhile, young university student Claudia Mirabal Contino spoke about the duty of younger generations to continue the work of the Revolution.
Speaking during the gala, José Antonio Valeriano Fariñas, a member of the Party Central Committee and first Party secretary in the province, recalled moments that marked the life of Ciro Redondo and his outstanding contribution to the Revolution.
Redondo is present “In every achievement through which we proudly uphold his memory, and whose life and work placed him at the forefront of a new generation: the Centenary Generation, the generation which, led by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, is today, the greatest inspiration to continue building the most just society in the world,” noted Valeriano Fariñas.
Also in attendance at the gala were Jorge Cuevas Ramos, a member of the Party Central Committee Secretariat, relations of martyrs and combatants of the Revolution, and Ciro Redondo García’s brother, Sergio.