The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba expresses its deepest concern and condemnation following the unilateral declaration by the President of the United States of the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which constitutes a grave and flagrant violation of the United Nations Charter, international law and UN resolutions.

The United States government’s intention to change the historic Jerusalem statutes threatens the legitimate interests of the Palestinian people and Arab and Islamic nations, will have grave consequences for the stability and the security of the Middle East, will further increase tensions in this region and hamper any efforts directed toward recommencing peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians.

Cuba calls on the Security Council to fulfill the responsibility afforded it by the UN Charter to maintain international peace and security, adopt necessary decisions and demand that Israel immediately end its occupation of Palestinian territory and of its aggressive policies and colonizing practices, as well as comply with resolutions approved by this body regarding the situation in the Middle East, including the issue of Palestine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirms that Cuba will continue supporting a broad, just and lasting solution to the Palestinian -Israeli conflict, on the basis of a two state solution, recognizing the right of the Palestinian people to free self-determination and a independent and sovereign state according to its pre-1967 borders, with its capital in Western Jerusalem.

December 6, 2017