Photo: AzCuba

GRANMA.–The sugar industry here is not standing by idly in the face of heavy rain, affecting the entire country. The fields must be drained, with hoes if necessary, roads cleaned and opened to allow for an efficient harvest, taking advantage of the time until the weather improves.

So said Second Party Secretary José Ramón Machado Ventura, during a visit to the eastern province to review damage caused by persistent rain.

Machado, also a vice president of the country's Councils of State and Ministers, noted that mills must delay their start-ups until conditions permit efficient processing with clean cane. He commented that often, if cane is cut by hand or operators of harvesters are in a hurry, more extraneous material mixed with the cane arrives to the mills, affecting the final product.

These issues were discussed with managers of the five mils in the province, who are also concerned about planting for next season, to ensure more production and better yields.

Machado Ventura, accompanied by Federico Hernández, first Party secretary in Granma, and Manuel Sobrino, president of the Provincial Assembly of People's Power, additionally visited other agricultural sites including a poultry farm.