Preserving the unity of Cuba's youth movement around our socialist project is imperative during these times. Photo: Jose M. Correa

SANCTI SPÍRITUS.– Preserving the unity of Cuba's youth movement around the Revolution, continues to be a priority, stated Susely Morfa González, Party Central Committee member and first secretary of the Young Communist League (UJC), during the national celebration of the organization's founding, April 4.

She called on youth to forcefully confront an enemy looking to "penetrate, confuse, and distance youth from our historic roots," an effort, she said, that will surely fail, given the preparation of Cuban youth, guided for decades by the example and thought of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro.

April 4 national commemoration took place in Mayor General Serafín Sánchez Valdivia Plaza de la Revolución, in Sancti Spíritus. Photo: Vicente Brito

Morfa González warned of intentions to "distance us from the just, human values of our socialism, turn our sentiments into merchandise, sow hate, selfishness, cultivate consumerist models and paradigms," that have nothing to do with what the Revolution has taught us: "ethics, morality, solidarity, humanism, discipline, and a sense of duty."

Recognized during the event was the outstanding work done by the UJC in this province, and a total of 400 young people, of the 5,000 in attendance, received their membership cards in the revolutionary youth organization, as took place in celebrations across the country, along with voluntary work of important impact, festivals, workshops, etc - all widely shared on social networks with the hashtag


Photo: Vicente Brito
Photo: Vicente Brito
Photo: Vicente Brito