Photo: Julio César Vila Martínez

Salvador Valdés Mesa, a member of the Party Political Bureau and First Vice President of the Councils of State and of Ministers, held a working meeting with the management of the Port Maritime Transport Business Group, during which he learned of the projections, potentialities, and deficiencies identified by this entity, attached to the Ministry of Transport (Mintrans). This is an essential area for the development of economic activities related to the unloading and transfer of goods, naval assistance services, ship repairs and security, according the Group’s Director General Nelson Torres Pérez,

Valdés Mesa later visited the Haiphong terminal of the port of Havana, where he held an exchange with workers, administration staff and union leaders, in which he stressed the importance of reducing the docking period of cargo ships and ensuring the prompt unloading and transportation of goods to their final destinations, to avoid additional expenses and costs to the country’s economy.

Valdés Mesa also spoke with representatives of the Taxi Cooperative Route No.2 of San Agustín, La Lisa municipality, and received information about the strategy and operation of its work system, characteristics of the fleet vehicles, the revenues that permit the sustainability of this alternative form of passenger transport, its contribution to the tax system, the salaries of cooperative members and the offer of an efficient service to the Havana population.

The day of visits concluded in the General Directorate of Transportation of Havana, where Valdés Mesa received detailed information about the strategy designed to achieve efficient exploitation of the vehicles available, in an investment program that includes the repair of buses, terminals, stops and routes, as the capital prepares to celebrate its 500th anniversary.