Increasing local production of construction materials, considered key to resolving housing problems, was a major topic of discussion during the meeting. Photo: Estudio Revolución

Miguel Díaz-Canel, President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, participated in a review of the country’s housing program, which he described as a high priority given its impact on the population.
During the meeting, in which several leaders participated, a detailed report was presented on progress in promoting local production of construction materials, considered key to resolving housing problems.
According to the report, over the past five years, local production has grown 8% to 11% annually, and small scale production plants have been established in 168 municipalities.

President Díaz-Canel called a meeting to analyze the country’s housing program, in which several leaders participated, including Comadante de La Revolución Ramiro Valdés Menéndez. Photo: Estudio Revolución

Tomás Vázquez Enrique, director of the local production program for the Ministry of Construction, said that work is currently underway to open 230 plants to serve residents in 230 neighborhood People’s Councils, adding that 80% of what is produced is made available directly to the population, while 20% is used by municipal governments for public works.
The President emphasized the significance of the effort, needed to address a longstanding problem, and reiterated the importance of incorporating scientific knowledge and innovations developed by the country’s universities and research institutes.
Over the past few weeks, Díaz-Canel has held similar meetings to review the work of several ministries, analyzing programs addressing a variety of issues, including transportation, water resources, digital television, the teaching of history, and culture, expressing his intention to continue periodic reviews of this kind.