On June 8, Maylén Díaz Almaguer, the only survivor of the May 18 air disaster in Havana, was reported to be in a critical condition with a high risk of complications, after developing an infection in her third week of treatment.

Doctor Carlos Alberto Martínez Blanco, director of General Calixto García University Hospital, explained to the Cuban News Agency (ACN), that so far the prognosis is guarded after the patient developed an infection.

On June 5, 19-year old Díaz Almaguer was reported to be in a serious condition but responding well to treatment and breathing on her own.

However, the patient was put back on the ventilator after new complications emerged, affecting her respiratory system, according to Dr. Martínez Blanco.

He explained that Díaz Almaguer is conscious and has been sedated in order to control her breathing.

The medical professional also explained that the patient’s cardiovascular system, metabolic control and renal function have all been stabilized, and is being fed via feeding tube.

Dr. Martínez Blanco explained that although Díaz Almaguer’s condition is a challenge for the multidisciplinary team of experts treating her, staff have all the required resources to take the necessary decisions.

On May 18, a Boeing 737-200 leased by Cubana de Aviación from Mexican company Damojh, crashed minutes after taking off from Havana’s José Martí International Airport. The causes of the air disaster are still being investigated by national authorities with the support of Mexican and U.S. experts (Cubadebate)