Photo: Juvenal Balán

From the bell terrace, around the ficus tree and past the ruins of the sugar mill this once was, the calm sea could be seen breaking gently below, in a line of foam.
It dawned on October 10, and there up the hill, from where a trail of molasses and the sweat of slaves descended to the boats, another line of foam commemorated the date in a free land.
This was La Demajagua, Wednesday October 10, when 5,000 Cubans dressed in white assembled at the foot of the National Monument, seemingly a sea of good, grateful people, ready for the battles of today.
Citizens! ... Céspedes is recalled, and the 5,000 present realize that in, fact that’s what they are. Not slaves, not masters, not overseers, or hunters of other men… Citizens.
It was October 10, present were not a few white faces before many, many Blacks. There were many of all kinds of people, shoulder to shoulder, naturally mixed, just as the human condition is when we are free of the absurd privileges of race.
Present was a genuine piece of the sovereign Cuba Céspedes proclaimed, of the Cuba of equals José Martí conceived, of the exemplary Cuba Fidel constructed, reliving the memory, awakening the naïve “who believe that subjectivities play no role in the destiny of a country.”
In the first row a vigorous, experienced general, taking the same path upon which the young President advances, a child when the Revolution triumphed.
The landscape looks like a canvas of the nation, he said. Here, the light of the Revolution dawned 150 years ago.
It will endure longer, much longer, eternally, if we commit to constructing it, with new, creative brushstrokes.