Ulises Guilarte, general secretary of the Federation of Cuban Workers (CTC) issued the May Day convocation precisely a month before the date. Photo: Leidys María Labrador Herrera

Cuban trade unions began the month of April with the convocation of May Day marches and the recognition of workers at the Comprehensive Automotive Services Enterprise (EISA), for their immediate response and contribution to the recovery in Havana in the wake of the January 27 tornado.
Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, Political Bureau member and general secretary of the Federation of Cuban Workers (CTC), awarded the EISA staff the Labor Prowess flag, granted to groups with a distinguished union history, which have played a leading role in extreme situations that threaten the country’s productivity and economic stability.
Among a workforce of 1,500, recognized at EISA were a dozen individuals whose efforts catalyzed the recovery of the city following the tornado. Additionally, the Construction Enterprise Group, Community Services, the Ñico López contingent, and the Aluminum Production Enterprise, among others, were mentioned during the event, as outstanding contributors to the recovery.
Guilarte congratulated workers gathered at the entrance to the plant, and emphasized the importance of their efforts and productive achievements to the sustainability of our economy, an urgent topic to be discussed at the upcoming XXI Congress of the CTC.