Photo: Granma Archives

GRANMA.— With the completion of 143 new stationary and wheeled irrigation systems at cooperatives raising grains, this eastern province is looking to double the equipment installed, with a view toward increasing yields mainly of corn and beans.

Specialists, technicians, and workers at workshops affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture’s Logistics Enterprise Group in the province of Granma, are accelerating installation of the equipment in several municipalities, on a total of almost 1,069 hectares, as part of efforts dedicated to upcoming July 26 celebrations of National Rebellion Day.

Raúl Rubán, director of the entity, explained that these sites are being added to the 124 previously provided irrigation, under the aegis of the Eastern Region Cooperative Rural Development Project (Prodecor), sponsored by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), which is now in its third stage, supporting 80 of the 143 projects to be concluded in July.

He explained that the systems, designed to cover two, three, and four hectares per pump, benefit crops on 11 farms in Bayamo, Yara, Media Luna, and Niquero; while the remaining 63 are supported by the World Food Program (WFP) at eight cooperatives in Campechuela, Pilón and Bayamo.

Rubán added that a fourth stage of Prodecor will incorporate 120 more sites to support agricultural production in Granma, which aspires to harvest 26,000 tons of corn annually, mainly to manufacture feed, while also working to meet local demand for beans.