Photo: Juvenal Balán

The Cuban parliament’s standing committees today begin their work discussing critical issues of daily life, among activities scheduled prior to the National Assembly of People’s Power IX Legislature’s Third Period of Ordinary Session, scheduled July 13-14.
Through Wednesday, deputies will analyze relevant issues including demographic policy, since 20.4% of the Cuban population is 60 or more years of age, and decisions must be made to address the growing needs of this group, and adjust to economic and social dynamics.
The draft laws of Fisheries and National Symbols are also on the committees’ agendas, with a view toward specifying details of these new laws that have been discussed and will be submitted to the Assembly for approval during the upcoming ordinary sessions.
Legislators will discuss the program of summer activities prepared for the population, and review the final report on the 2018 state budget’s performance.
The Ministries of Tourism and Industries will provide information to deputies, who in addition to analysis sessions, will devote time to study and clarification of the three bills that will be submitted for approval, including the draft Electoral Law, in addition to the aforementioned.
Also to be addressed during the plenary sessions, is the implementation of the national economic plan during the first half of 2019, and the election of the National Electoral Council.