Art on the Rampa is much more than just the well-known name of the cultural and commercial fair, which has taken place every summer in the Pabellón Cuba for the last 15 years. Mosaic by Wifredo Lam. The Rampa is a uniquely charming zone of Havana’s Vedado neighborhood. It extends from Calle L - with the Hotel Habana Libre, the Coppelia ice cream parlor and Yara cinema, standing on three of its corners - to Havana’s Malecón. Other attractions of the Rampa are its wide sidewalks, adorned with artistic granite mosaics created by some of the most illustrious Cuban painters, among them Cundo Bermúdez, Amelia Peláez, René Portocarrero, Wifredo Lam, Luis Martínez Pedro, Salvador Corratge, Raúl Martínez, Antonio Vidal, Mariano Rodríguez and Sandu Darié. Among the spaces that make the Rampa special is the Pabellón Cuba. It was precisely here in 1967 where the famous May Salon of Paris took place, for the first time outside the country where it was born. The May Salon in Havana became one of the greatest cultural events in the history of visual arts in Latin America. Work by Amelia Peláez. It is possible to learn more about this original collective exhibition of artists representing the European vanguard, thanks to a book by Cuban researcher and critic Llilian Llanes, Salón de Mayo. De París en La Habana, July 1967 (Editorial Artecubano). Llanes analyses the cultural event, includes photos of the artwork and identifies the majority of their creators, adding commentaries from national and foreign press agencies made at the time. Llanes, who directed the first Havana Biennial and many of its successive editions, recalls that the mural Cuba colectiva, a work signed by more than 100 painters, is the most famous piece from the May Salon, a copy of which was created during one of the first editions of the Biennial. Art on the Rampa poster With so much art on the Rampa, the annual summer fair - which is celebrating its 15th year and takes place from June 27 through August 31 in its traditional venue at the Pabellón Cuba - is aptly named. Jorge Alfonso, director of the Cuban Cultural Goods Fund and president of the Art on the Rampa Organizing Committee, said that the event is commendable since "It has been maintained and especially because quality has improved." The Art on the Rampa fair commenced this year true to its objectives: the maestro Alfredo Sosabravo presented a collection of reproductions of his work. Front cover depicting a segment of the mural pained in the May Salon In June there will be an event dedicated to deceased musician Juan Formell and his band Los Van Van, which will begin with the opening of the Formell Manía exhibition, consisting of 25 billboards, made from Iván Soca’s photographs of different moments of the life and career of the popular musician and his group. Another important exhibition, entitled Epopeya, will open in August, and will include photographs from Alberto Korda, Liborio Noval, Osvaldo Salas, Perfecto Romero, Enrique Meneses, among others and will be curated by the artist Lesbia Ven Dumois, President of the UNEAC Visual Arts Association. In the Pabellón’s May Salon space a collection of reproductions of these works will be presented. The mural Cuba Colectiva in a photo from the time. Over the next three months concerts by popular artists of various musical genres have been organized, among them, David Álvarez and Juego de Manos, Raúl Paz, Telmary, Ivette Cepeda, Polito Ibáñez, Tony Avila, Luna Manzanares, David Blanco, and the group Qva Libre. Naturally, the fair has its commercial aspect. On this occasion there will be more than 100 stands selling shoes, textiles, furniture, ceramics, metalwork, jewelry, lamps, woodwork and marble, as well as handicrafts, books and recordings.