Photo: Radio Cadena Agramonte

September 2 through 12, the 2017 Cuba Lírica Festival will bring together performers from the country’s main companies in celebration of the 55th anniversary of the Cuban lyrical movement, organizers announced.

With the support of the National Council of Performing Arts (CNAE), the event will be attended by representatives of the National Lyric Theater, that of Holguín and of Pinar del Río, as well as the Ópera de la Calle company, one of the main promoters of the initiative.

The festival will include concerts, theoretical encounters, tributes, and a lyrical singing contest, focused on attracting the attention of young performers and stimulating musical writing among Cuban artists.

The main venues will be Havana’s Arenal Theater and the El Cabildo Cultural Center, while the Cathedral of Havana will host a mass in which members of Ópera de la Calle and the National Concert Band will perform.

Dedicated to singer and actress Rosita Fornés, and the baritone Rafael Aquino, among the highlights is a concert dedicated to the Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti, recognized both in opera and his experiments with other musical genres, on the occasion of the anniversary of his death.

The founder and Director of Ópera en la Calle, Ulises Aquino, stressed that the groups invited to the festival will present a more contemporary program, distanced from larger productions, with the aim of gaining a popular taste for the genre.

Meanwhile, the singing competition will consist of three Cuban ballads and three other pieces, also by national composers, which highlight the extraordinary talent originating on the island.

According to Aquino, Cuba is a prodigious country in terms of lyrical singing, and has one of the longest traditions in the Americas.

The baritone also highlighted that the upcoming edition of the Festival will be the prelude to an international festival scheduled for 2019, which will see the participation of important companies from across the globe. (PL)