Omara Portuondo, known as the “Diva of the Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra,” also performed in the 21st edition of Colombia’s Barranquijazz Festival. Photo: Yander Zamora

The Conjunto Chappottín y sus Estrellas, a Cuban son group founded 67 years ago, affiliated with the Ignacio Piñeiro Music and Entertainment Trading Company, recently performed in two important jazz events in Colombia, a country in which they are well known, following their participation in the Cali Fair, in December 2009.

The first of the events in which they took part was the 21st edition of the MedeJazz International Jazz Festival, which concluded September 16 in the city of Medellín. Cuba’s Chucho Valdés and his quartet, and the Orquesta Aragón and Septeto Santiaguero groups, also performed at the festival.

The second event was the 21st edition of the Barranquijazz Festival 2017, held in the northern city of Barranquilla September 13-17. The event is globally renowned and one of the most important of its kind in Latin America. Conjunto Chappottín y sus Estrellas performed on Sunday 17, in the Salón Jumbo.

In both festivals, the band members paid tribute to Miguelito Cuní, the artistic name of the great sonero Miguel Arcángel Cunill, in the year of the centenary of his birth, and performed emblematic pieces such as “La Guarapachanga,” by Juan Rivera Prevot, sung by Miguelito Cuní’s son, Miguel Arcángel Cunill Hernández; “El Carbonero,” by Iván Fernández; and “Sazonando,” by Luis Martínez Griñán.

Photo: Courtesy of the band.

Other Cuban artists participating in the 21st edition of Barranquijazz included, among others, Omara Portuondo, known as the “Diva of the Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra,” who offered a unique concert on Friday 15, in which she shared the stage with singer Martirio, one of the iconic artists of Spanish copla and traditional music; and flutist Orlando “Maraca” Valle, who performed on Saturday 16, as a special guest of Roberto Roena and his Orchestra, from Puerto Rico.

The event also included, among other outstanding musicians and instrumentalists, the Colombian-German group Camacho Trío, Italian band Rosario Giuliani Quartet, the Brazilians Toninho Horta and Raúl de Souza, as well as the Terell Stafford Quartet, led by Terrell Stafford of the United States.

Conjunto Chappottín y sus Estrellas, currently directed by Jesús Chappotín Coto, known as “El Niño,” the grandson of renowned trumpeter Felix Chappottín Lage, remains faithful to the lifework of its founder. The group currently plays in Havana every Tuesday from 5:00 pm, in the Salón Jelengue of Egrem’s Patio Areíto, located on San Miguel Street, no. 410, between Lealtad and Campanario Streets.