Cuban filmmaker Alejandro Gil will present La Emboscada as part of the event program. Photo: Granma

For the eighth time, Havana’s cinemas are playing host to the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase, which opened September 20 and runs through October 1, in the Multicine Infanta movie theater.

With the screening of 20 films of different genres from 11 nations, including feature films, documentaries and shorts, the event was inaugurated with works such as Who Da Belize, a five minute short, directed by Gregg Stouffer; and the Surinamese fiction film The Price of Sugar, by the renowned Dutch filmmaker Jean Van de Velde, according to the official program.

Cuba will see the greatest participation in the event, with seven films including Daniel Diaz Torres’ La película de Ana; Rodando en La Habana, by Jaime Santos Menéndez; Vuelos Prohibidos, by Rigoberto López; Rogelio Martínez Furé. Un griot cubano, by Juana María Cordones-Cook; and La Emboscada, by Alejandro Gil.

A still from The Price of Sugar, by the renowned Dutch filmmaker Jean Van de Velde, one of the most acclaimed films of the showcase. Photo: Granma

According to the President of the regional event, Cuban director Rigoberto López, speaking during a press conference on the eighth edition of the showcase, audiences will be able to appreciate the African influence on Caribbean nations. The mix of cultures in the region has resulted in a diversity of expressions in the field of cinema, with independent production playing an important role given the lack of a recognized film industry or tradition.

The screenings will be open to audiences in the capital at 5.00pm each afternoon, before touring cinemas across the rest of the country, beginning with the province of Santiago de Cuba in October. The showcase will also travel to other territories of the Caribbean, with or without direct participation in the event.

The films, with translations into French, Spanish, English, Creole and Portuguese, where appropriate, were selected according to their quality, and deal with topics such as domestic and social violence, racism, emigration, ethno-cultural roots, and issues related to the environment, the event president noted.

The office of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase has already launched its call for submissions to its ninth edition to Cuban and international filmmakers.