Photo: Archivo de la UNEAC

Ediciones Unión, the publishing house of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), will present works by both established and new authors from its catalogue in the 28th edition of the Havana International Book Fair.

Ediciones Unión will make available to the public new editions and an interesting program of celebrations and tributes, to be held both at the main venue of the Fair, the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress, and in Villena Hall at UNEAC headquarters.

Olga Marta Pérez, director of the publishing house, noted that they have worked hard to present very attractive books to the general public, including biographies, novels, stories, and essays, and some special editions dedicated to the 500th anniversary of San Cristóbal de La Habana.

A second corrected and expanded edition of Miguel A. Sánchez’s Capablanca, leyenda y realidad, which won the UNEAC Prize a few years ago, and contains many of the famous chess player’s games, is one of the new texts on offer.

Another highly anticipated reprint is Titón volver sobre mis pasos, an epistolary selection from the filmmaker’s widow, actress Mirtha Ibarra, which now comes with annotations by renowned critic Juan Antonio García Borrero.

Unión is also offering suggestive fiction titles. A reissue of the detective novel La vida es un tango, by Lorenzo Lunar; Cómo era entonces, a novel by Lourdes Pasalodos, 2015 UNEAC in Las Tunas Vidal Prize winner (a national contest that bears the name of narrator Guillermo Vidal (1952-1989); and Pedro Juan Gutiérrez’s Trilogía sucia de La Habana.

From Julio Travieso comes the volume El cuaderno de los disparates; from Lázaro Díaz, El silencio de los cristales, a compilation of short stories about the human drama of emigration; and the posthumous novel by Miguel Mejides (1950-2018), El plagiador.

From National Literature Prize winner Eduardo Heras, a member of the Ediciones Unión advisory board and the author to whom the 2019 Fair is dedicated, comes a reprint of Dolce vita; while other publishers of the Cuban Book Institute will present his works: La guerra tuvo seis nombres, Los pasos en la hierba, and Cuentos completos.

Unión will also take an important text to the Fair: Un poeta en camisa de once varas, a series of interviews with Roberto Fernández Retamar, 1989 National Literature Prize winner, selected by the poet and essayist himself.

El barco elegido by Zurelys López Amaya will likely be a very sought after text, which includes interviews with ten personalities of Cuban culture, among them José Lezama Lima, Edmundo Desnoes, Fernando Pérez and Abilio Estévez.

Meanwhile, Olga Marta Pérez announced that there will be a Critical Roundtable on the extensive work of Fina García Marruz, National Literature Prize winner, and a presentation of several of her books, including an essay on Francisco de Quevedo, El orden del homenaje (Editorial Huso publishers, from Madrid); a collection of short essays (La Isla Infinita publishers), and another of poetry.

As part of the Fair activities, Ediciones Unión will also hold a tribute to the Cuban capital, in the lead up to its 500th anniversary, with the presentation of the titles La poética Habana. Cien poemas, a selection by Ángel Augier; and La Habana narrada en el espejo, by Felix Contrera. Meanwhile, as part of its Colección Sur collection, comes a reissue of the anthological poetry collection En la calzada de Jesús del Monte by Eliseo Diego.

The Guillen Foundation, based at UNEAC headquarters, has included the title De que callada manera, from its publishing house, Editorial Semsemayá, which will feature among Unión’s book launches.

Editorial Semsemayá also announced the upcoming launch of a new edition of Sóngoro Cosongo, the 1931 poetry collection selected among the hundred most important books written in Spanish, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death of Nicolás Guillén (1902-1989).

Ediciones Unión arrives at this 28th edition of the Havana International Book Fair, running February 7 through 17, with a broad range of texts from its excellent catalogue.