Yunidis Castillo won Cuba its first medal at the Río 2016 Paralympic Games. Photo: Armando Hernández

Santiago de Cuba.— My recovery is long, they thought I needed to undergo surgery, but I didn’t have to in the end thanks to a stem-cell transplant; however, this procedure means a slower recovery, stated Yunidis Castillo, multi Paralympic and World Champion and record holder, in this city.

An injury forced Castillo known as the “daughter of the wind” and T47 category (athletes with a unilateral upper limb impairment) sprinter, to pull out of the remaining competitions of the Río de Janeiro 2016 Paralympic Games, where she won a silver medal in the long-jump.

“It was a grade four muscular tear on my front-left thigh; I tore the muscle from my iliac bone. I’m focused on my recovery, I don’t want to rush, I probably won’t compete in the World Championships in London, this June,” explained Castillo.

“It was a harsh blow not being able to finish the event, I prepared well, I knew anything could happen, as I had been injured for some time,” she added.
”I feel bad when I don’t win, and even more for my fans than for me, I like people to enjoy what I do, that’s why I always give it my all,” noted the Paralympic athlete.

Castillo chose not to comment on her competition prospects over the next four years and the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. “I mustn’t run at such an intensity that I could injure myself. I’m going to the gym and I am trying to strengthen my leg, because, being a thigh injury, I’ve lost muscle tone while I’ve been inactive and due to the medical treatment itself,” stated the athlete from Santiago de Cuba.

“My leg will regain its form, the tonality it used to have. My son Gabriel is my inspiration, the driving force of my life, I thank the people of Cuba, and especially the residents of Santiago de Cuba, for all their love, those who always hope for the best for Yunidis, I wish you many beautiful things this 2017,” she stated. (ACN)