The decision to hold the 57th National Baseball All-Star Game in Pinar del Río, an update on damages caused to sporting facilities by Hurricane Irma and the launch of a new cell phone app to promote sports among the population, were three topics addressed during the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation’s (INDER) monthly press conference, led by its president Antonio Becali Garrido.
Yosvani Aragón, national director of baseball, announced that Pinar del Río will host the 30th edition of the All-Stars Game, given the outstanding performance by the province's team in the current Series and interest shown by its authorities.
This is the second time the island’s westernmost province will host the game, after its Capitán San Luis Stadium saw the very best of Cuba’s baseball stars come to compete in 2001.
According to the official schedule, in the run-up to the second phase of the National Series, reinforcement selection will take place on October 20, with skills testing and veterans' games on the 21st, while the long awaited clash between the Occidentales and the Orientales – the line-ups for which will be announced at the end of the regular phase - will be held on the 22nd.
Nuridis Rodríguez, director of investments at INDER, read a report on damage caused to sporting infrastructure by Hurricane Irma. According to the director, the worst affected provinces were Villa Clara, Camagüey, Ciego de Ávila, Sancti Spíritus, Matanzas, and La Habana.
Rodríguez noted that 98 facilities in Villa Clara suffered damage, 10 of which have already been repaired; while problems across 57 and 34 institutions were reported in Camagüey and Matanzas, respectively, all of which are still awaiting repair.
Meanwhile, she explained that the majority of damage was limited to roofing, accounting for 85% of the reported destruction, while pavements and walls accounted for 10%, and fences and lampposts, the remaining 5%.
Rodríguez went on to note that facilities to have suffered the most damage at a national level include the newly remodeled Baraguá Swimming complex and recently inaugurated National Sailing School.
Lastly, Gladys Bequer, vice president of INDER, presented a new cell phone application, called “Cuba Activa y Saludable,” commissioned by directors of the organization, in order to make citizens aware of the benefits of exercise or practicing a sport.