Photo: Ricardo López Hevia

Besieged by the media due to her quality performances and magnetic personality, Yarisley Silva is always surrounded in competition. It is very rare to see her walking alone, beyond the sacred moment of competition, when everything comes down to her relationship with the pole.

The athlete from Pinar del Río has earned her fame – she is a pole vault world champion and Olympic silver medalist. In fact, she is among the few to be able to claim the same, including Cuban decathlete Leonel Suárez, and experienced Jamaican sprinter Nesta Carter, who featured at the opening of the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games athletics events.

In the Rafael Cotes Stadium, Yarisley gave prestige to the regional event, as is usual when Cubans compete, as the island’s delegations always include the brightest stars of its athletics movement.

“The Central American Games are very important for us, because we know that the fans enjoy them and follow our steps. Also, it can’t be said that it is a low level competition, because I have faced Robeilys Peinado in several world events,” the pole vaulter told reporters.

Photo: Ricardo López Hevia

Venezuela’s Peinado was Silva’s main opponent at the event, but was not in a position to overcome her records, the only way she could beat Yarisley. “She jumped according to her records, her performance is good, but I felt very comfortable, and I showed that at 31, I’m still in good shape,” the Cuban athlete added, who showed great effectiveness with three valid jumps in the same amount of attempts.

“I am grateful to my God, to all those who are close to me, to the people of Cuba, those who have supported me to keep me at the top level. Here everything went as planned, but I’m going for more, I’m not going to settle. I still dream of reaching five meters, and I will keep fighting for it.”