Photo: Álamo, Cristóbal

Around 1:50pm this December 3, the funeral procession bearing the Comandante’s remains completed the last stretch of its journey from Havana to Santiago de Cuba, arriving at the city’s Plaza de la Revolución Antonio Maceo. Fidel’s ashes will rest here until his burial at the Santa Ifigenia cemetery tomorrow, close to Cuban National Hero José Martí.

Later this evening, the people of Santiago and other eastern provinces, will gather in this square to pay tribute to the leader of the Revolution.

While this site was built in honor of Antonio Maceo, a sculptural tribute to another hero of Cuba, Comandante Juan Almeida Bosque, can also be found here, on one of the walls of the surrounding Heredia Theater.

The funeral procession bearing Fidel’s ashes traveled a total distance of more than 1,000 kilometers over four days from Havana to Santiago de Cuba.

Photo: Cubadebate

Throughout this funeral procession across the island, retracing in reverse the route of the triumphant Caravan of Liberty of 1959, hundreds of thousands of Cuban men, women and children have lined the streets to bear witness and pay their last respects to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Photo: Cubadebate