WASHINGTON.— In a symbolic act of disobedience, hundreds of people participated in new protests in St. Louis, Missouri State, early this Sunday morning, over the murders of Michael Brown and Vonderrit Myers.


The activity formed part of the Ferguson October campaign, in reference to where Brown was killed on August 9 by police officer Darren Wilson.

The protesters staged a sit-in at a gas station in St. Louis, near the place where the black youth was killed, The Washington Post reported.

The protests were also in condemnation of the execution of Myers last Wednesday by another officer, still unidentified, who fired 17 shots at the victim.

St. Louis police used tear gas and detained several of those participating in the demonstrations in memory of the victims of police violence. It was the first time arrests were made during a Ferguson October event.

On Sunday, several leaders instructed the participants in peaceful civil disobedience actions which, according to the newspaper, Saint Louis Post Dispatch, could lead to widespread arrests and clashes with police as some 10,000 people are expected to take part this Monday, reported Prensa Latina.

Religious leaders, trade unionists, artists and civil rights activists in Missouri and other states will host new protests, which began on Friday afternoon.

The New York Times stated that many of the participants are also expressing their rejection of social and economic inequality, supporting the struggle to raise the minimum wage, condemning failed immigration policies and the abuses of the repressive police forces throughout the country.