CARACAS.— Efforts to advance in maintaining a dialogue in Venezuela continue despite little interest on the part of the opposition, and calls from abroad in support of intervention, Prensa Latina reported.

President Nicolás Maduro reiterated his willingness to continue working to promote understanding as the only way to address political differences.

His administration continues to opt for dialogue, understanding, and the peaceful resolution of differences, because the people deserve to live in peace, exercising constitutional mechanisms which have been achieved at the ballot box, he indicated on Facebook.

The government continually repeats its support for talks; in fact precisely three years ago the National Conference for Peace was instated by President Maduro, to seek stability and development in Venezuela, which have been undermined by the right wing opposition's coup plotting, "The Exit" as they call their destabilization attempts.

Maduro added that his government has always promoted peaceful means of resolving differences in any circumstances that may arise, having learned this from Comandante Hugo Chávez, who, in his first act after the 2002 coup, called for dialogue between all sectors to avoid violence and violations of the Constitution.

He continued, "When a part of the fascist right called for violence in the streets, we called on the country's democratic sectors and state authorities to join in the formation of the National Conference for Peace to disarm the violent street thugs, through a joint effort with culture, sports, and political-economic dialogue."

Regarding a related issue, Executive Vice President Tareck El Aissami commented, during a television interview by José Vicente, that U.S. accusations of him are slanderous, with no factual basis whatsoever, and an affront to the people and the ethics of the Bolivarian Revolution, stating that his conscience is intact, as is his commitment to the anti-imperialist struggle.

During the interview he expressed his repudiation of the Venezuelan opposition's stance with respect to this latest aggression on the part of the United States which violates the country's sovereignty, saying, "They are taking the empire's side."