Maduro called to further perfect the Committees and make them more efficient. Photo: Venezuelan presidential press.

CARACAS.— President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, stated on March 11, that the country is advancing toward the construction of socialism with the expansion and consolidation of the Local Committees for Supply and Production (CLAP), responsible for community food distribution.

After a year of work, we must continue to further perfect the Committees and make them more efficient, as they are very important to the socialist aims of the Bolivarian Revolution, stated the Venezuelan leader regarding the first anniversary of the CLAP, reported AVN.

Venezuela is writing a new page in its struggle for socialism, which can serve as an example on the continent, and the next step is to raise the quality and frequency of the Local Committees' work, reiterated Maduro, speaking during the television program Los Domingos con Maduro, broadcast from Yaracuy State.

He emphasized the importance of the CLAP as a mechanism of community empowerment contributing to the transformation of the country’s economic model, noting that the organizations are being consolidated nationwide.
Maduro also announced that the committees will be expanded to offer personal hygiene products, in an attempt to combat shortages caused by the economic war being waged by right wing sectors in the country.

The groups also work to tackle black market sales of essential products such as corn flour, oil, rice, pasta, powdered milk, beans, sugar, and coffee, reported AVN.

According to PL, the CLAP were founded in 2016 to protect the Venezuelan people from the economic war waged by the country’s opposition, with 27,070 of these groups established across the country to date.