Speaking at the OAS headquarters in Washington, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister warned that the organization’s secretary general is an agent of U.S. interests. Photo: Venezuelan Foreign Ministry

WASHINGTON.— Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Delcy Rodríguez, denounced OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro this March 27 as being in the service of imperial powers, in a campaign against the South American nation.

According to the head of Venezuelan diplomacy, her country requested a permanent council of the body to condemn the serious acts of interference undertaken by its secretary general and a minority faction of territories in the region.

We note with concern and alarm that since the arrival of Almagro to this post in 2015, he has dedicated his administration of the OAS to obsessively attacking Venezuela and its people, conducting himself in an unlawful, unilateral, arbitrary and biased manner, Rodríguez stressed.

She warned that the OAS secretary general acts as an agent of the interests of the United States and came to the body with very clear orders: to end the Bolivarian Revolution; to replace the constitutional President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro; and to support the violent acts of the extreme right.

The Foreign Minister recalled that her nation is subject to a multiform assault on the economy, which has been accompanied and supported by international financial and media powers, encouraged by a plan articulated and backed by Washington.

Supporters of the Bolivarian government have taken to the streets to express their rejection of the OAS Secretary General’s interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs. Photo: Courtesy of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Cuba.

Almagro does not act alone, she emphasized, he is an agent fulfilling the orders issued from this city, and his acts are accompanied by the collusion of a small faction of countries within the OAS.

According to teleSUR, Rodríguez pointed out that the Uruguayan politician lacks independence on submitting himself to the interests of the most powerful country in the organization, as its bureaucratic agent and propagandist operator, and lacks integrity when he contradicts the decisions of member states and threatens those who do not follow his agenda.

The Foreign Minister noted on Twitter that 21% of the secretary general’s publications are linked to the campaign against Venezuela. “From March 14 - 24, while the severe rains lashed Peru, 73% of his tweets were about the Venezuelan nation,” she tweeted.

Rodríguez also stated that Almagro met with representatives of the Venezuelan opposition 26 times, and that on numerous trips to several countries he has made statements against the Venezuelan government, directly violating OAS rules.

The secretary general is very discredited, what is happening here is worrisome, do not be fooled by the lies that Almagro propagates, she told members of the organization.

The diplomat also noted “Almagro and this small group of powerful nations ignore positive reports on Venezuela like those of the FAO,” which has recognized the country’s struggle to eradicate hunger.

Rodríguez explained that 3,042,623 people have been attended by the Miracle Mission; 3,815,000 people have been taught to read and write; and 1,174,000 have now completed their basic education.

“With the help of Cuba, Antigua and Barbuda, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Venezuela declared themselves free of illiteracy. This model emerges as hope on the horizon for integration and the union of peoples,” she said.

Finally, the Venezuelan diplomat indicated that “the OAS has become a dysfunctional organization” and that “it has become impossible to transform the interfering nature of this organization.” This is “an organization adrift and without an institutional compass,” she concluded.