Thousands of youth from across the world have graduated from the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM). Photo: Alberto Borrego

SAN SALVADOR.— Salvadoran alumni of Cuban universities remain faithful to the moral commitment made to the revolutionary leader Fidel Castro to put everything they learned on the island at the service of social development and equality in their own country.

Representatives of Salvadorans who studied and graduated in Cuba held a preparatory meeting in the lead up to their annual assembly at the Our America cultural center; a space for the exchange of experiences, to draw up solidarity actions and join forces in the face of common challenges.

For Sergio Quijada, a graduate of the International School of Physical Education and Sport, the objective is to approach people and assist them through a comprehensive perspective, encouraging them to participate in social prevention programs.

Speaking to Prensa Latina, Quijada emphasized the futuristic vision of Fidel Castro, who understood the importance and scope of sports, noting that he and his colleagues strive to break with stereotypes and instill healthier living habits in El Salvador.

Javier Castillo graduated from the same institution in the Cuban town of San José de las Lajas, and now works in a program to prevent violence, which is progressing despite budget cuts and prejudices.

“Some sectors underestimate us, they resist change, but those who graduated in Cuba haven’t come to replace them, but to support them with our knowledge, to help transform and build a better country, to provide new generations with a purpose,” he stressed.

Jaime Gamara, a doctor who studied at the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), defined these alumni meetings as a mixture of reminiscing and defining efforts toward the future.

“There will always be nostalgia, because as Roque Dalton wrote, Cuba is also our homeland, but here we meet as professionals to work for a better future for El Salvador, united and interconnected,” he noted. (PL)