Photo: ABI

LA PAZ.— Bolivian Minister of Communications Gisela López, on July 3, denounced death threats against President Evo Morales, posted on the social network Twitter.

During a press conference, López condemned the offensive and racist texts recently posted on the @evoespueblo account by a user named Exorcismo Bebé.

The Minister also criticized a message by an individual named Saimon which contained the following warning: “Evo, watch out, you’re dead.”

According to López, these threats represent an attempt by the ultra right wing to insult and degrade the figure of a President committed to promoting unity and integration among the peoples of the world.

The official went on to note that Morales has faced death threats as a result of his opposition to the building of walls and support for universal citizenship, reported Prensa Latina.

Some of the messages, she explained, appeared on social networks shortly after the head of state expressed his solidarity with the Cuban people following new measures announced by U.S. President Donald Trump, designed to tighten Washington’s blockade imposed on the country.

López also noted that an investigation is underway into the source of threats against Morales, who she described as a champion of democracy in Bolivia and of the Latin American people. (PL)