President Nicolás Maduro encouraged the Venezuelan people to continue the battle for stability in Venezuela. Photo: TELESUR

Caracas.- The electoral campaign to choose members of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), which will begin on July 9, should be marked by greater openness and a range of proposals, stated Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

“I have requested the highest level of freedom and that the maximum opportunity be offered to everyone to present their proposals,” the head of state said during a National Encounter with Constituent Candidates, held in Caracas’ Plaza Bolívar.

Maduro stressed the need to discuss the weaknesses affecting the Venezuelan people prior to the Constituent Assembly, including issues such as the transformation of the Venezuelan economy, the defeat of agents that promote violence, and the strengthening of the social missions system.

According to teleSUR, Maduro emphasized that the Bolivarian government calls for peace and to debate the Constitution in all the municipalities of the country.

“We want to make one of the dreams of Comandante Chávez a reality, to activate the original popular power, and in Venezuela this is already activated,” he added.

In addition to requesting this debate within communities, he also made available to candidates the National Radio and Television Network, in order that they may reach all Venezuelans with their proposals for the National Constituent Assembly.

According to the schedule set out by the National Electoral Council, the campaign will end on July 27.