Maduro speaking to Vicente Rangel. Photo: AVN

CARACAS.– President Nicolás Maduro announced a World Summit in solidarity with the people of Venezuela on Sunday, August 20, to denounce the constant attacks by the United States and the international right against democracy in the South American country.

In an interview with prominent intellectual José Vicente Rangel, on his program José Vicente Hoy, broadcast by the Televen network, the president explained that the preparations for the international event would begin this week, with actions in several countries around the world.

He also noted that the event aims to confront the corporate media campaign against Venezuela’s sovereignty and right to self-determination.

Maduro explained that the acts of solidarity will promote the mobilization of world opinion in defense of the truth about the political, economic and social situation in the homeland of The Liberator Simón Bolívar, as Prensa Latina reported.

In addition, he noted that Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza; the President of the National Constituent Assembly, Delcy Rodríguez; Minister of Communications and Information, Ernesto Villegas; and the Constituent Assembly member Adán Chávez, are holding meetings with members of the international community in this regard.

The president also addressed considerations about the Constituent Assembly, his memories of Comandante Hugo Chávez, and the political achievements of his administration amid the coup plots promoted by the United States with the participation of the domestic right and the Colombian government.

He also referred to the adverse situation generated by the country’s economic war, against which, he said, “severe” legal action will be announced next week.


Revolutionary forces will obtain a great popular victory in the regional elections scheduled for October, Maduro stated, as quoted by AVN.

“We are headed for a great victory because the people want peace; the people want governors to consolidate peace. People are tired of governors like that of Miranda, who goes out to the streets to destroy and not to govern,” he stressed.

Maduro highlighted that despite having subjected the country to three months of political instability with street violence, opposition forces have ended up recognizing the electoral power through the registration of their candidates to the regional elections.

Meanwhile, he reiterated the will of the Executive to establish a permanent political dialogue with sectors that oppose Chavismo, in order to consolidate “the years to come as the years of peace.”

Maduro affirmed that the “worst policy” that the Venezuelan opposition could follow would be to continue to underestimate the Executive and the Venezuelan people.

“I hope that they stop underestimating me and the people, I hope that on the basis of mutual respect and recognition we can have a permanent national dialogue as a method to favor national interests and to control the conflict which arises from differences,” he insisted.