The United States attempted to justify its invasion of Iraq asserting that the country had accumulated Photo: Reuters

Millionaire Donald Trump, now the President of the most powerful destructive force that humanity has known in its entire history, has ordered additional sanctions against Venezuela. He has said that "… in order to take additional steps with respect to the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13692 of March 8, 2015," he is imposing new economic and financial sanctions on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Obama's decree had already established a plethora of sanctions, now reaffirmed and broadened.

What was the triggering event? The sovereign decision by President Nicolás Maduro, to convene the election of a National Constituent Assembly in accordance with the Bolivarian Constitution of Venezuela. An act that Mr. Trump, now presumed planetary dictator, had prohibited under the threat of punishment for disobedience. Maduro's "disobedience" has brought more punishment for our people.

These new imperial actions, beside representing a very crude violation of all international legal norms, lead us to recall the image described by Mao Zedong: "A giant lifting an immense rock, only to let it fall on his own feet." The goal is to crush the will of our people to resist imperialism and impose his own imperial will.

He ignores the long struggle unleashed by our people against another very powerful empire during the 19th century. He ignores the experience of his own people against the British Empire. And he has also forgotten Vietnam. Ignorance and amnesia are very bad companions, since when errors are repeated, the effects are multiplied beyond those stemming from errors committed in the past.

Invasions always have, as their initial motivation, a tangle of lies that almost appear infantile. But they shouldn't surprise, since they are part of a kind of ritual self-justification, seen every time they are going to commit a crime. This is what happened with the destruction of a prosperous nation like Iraq, which, according to them, had accumulated "weapons of mass destruction." The same thing happened in Libya, that had the highest standard of living in Africa. In this case, they mounted a simulated massacre in Tripoli's Green Plaza, to proceed to destroy Libya and kill its President. This is what happened with the well known "Gulf of Tonkin incident" with which they hoped to justify the invasion of what was known at that time as North Vietnam.

Trump has rolled out an array of financial and economic sanctions against Venezuela, looking to kill her by strangulation. But the world has changed. This he ignores, as well. Venezuela has diversified both its oil market and its suppliers. The United States continues to be a very important market. Of course the measures will cause some difficulties. But not so many, not so harsh as those faced by Cuba in the Special Period.

Fidel's clearheaded leadership and the will of the Cuban people were key to overcoming. Bolivarian, Chavista Venezuela will continue to be guided by the words of its hero José Félix Ribas, before the Victory Battle of February 12, 1814, "We cannot choose between victory or death, victory is what is needed." And once again, Venezuela will triumph!

(Venezuela's ambassador in Cuba)