Upon arrival in the Dominican Republic, both Venezuelan officials were received by a large number of reporters. Photo: Madelein García, teleSUR correspondent

SANTO DOMINGO.– The President of Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Delcy Rodríguez, and the Mayor of the Caracas municipality of Libertador, Jorge Rodríguez, traveled to the Dominican Republic to participate in talks with sectors of the Venezuelan opposition, as representatives of the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

On his arrival to the Dominican Republic, Jorge Rodríguez stated that they had come to the Caribbean nation “to negotiate and reach an agreement, to solve problems and resolve flashpoints,” that exist between the Venezuelan government and opposition.

Although he avoided referring to the topics to be discussed at the meeting, the governmental representative added that “in the interest of this negotiation process, many of the items on the agenda are close to being resolved.”

“We hope that this dialogue process will lead to the consolidation of peace,” Rodríguez, told teleSUR.

Likewise, the Venezuelan official thanked the Dominican people and President Danilo Medina, for their contribution to dialogue and peace in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, Delcy Rodríguez noted that they are in the Dominican Republic “with the flag of peace” and guaranteed that “the only way for Venezuela is dialogue.”

“We can not allow the powers that be to impose a war agenda,” the ANC president stressed.